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RPF - just stop doing it.
Edit: And this is why I wasn't gonna do this. Comments have been locked, I didn't mean to make previous comments invisible, though. If someone can tell me how to lock comments while still showing existing ones please do.

Edit 2: Okay, I'm "screening" comments but I'm just going to not post them. That works.

I said I wasn't gonna do this whole getting-involved-in-LJ-discussions thing, and I haven't the background or vocabulary to do lit-crit.

So, instead of trying to lay out some sort of incrementalist argument,  I'm retreating to my gut feeling, which I admit is a conservative tendency in itself, and raising the old atxc flag of complete intolerance for RPF (there, I've admitted I'm being conservative AND intolerant.)

I read RPF, and I go "hmm... nope. I believe there are things that are objectively wrong. This is one of them, in a small yet spiritually corrosive way, and people should be actively discouraged from doing it."

So I'm discouraging anyone who may be reading this. Please, just stop. If you write good RPF I'm sure you could write better fanfic, stories that wouldn't devalue human identity and incidentally wouldn't creep me out so very, very much.

Maybe I'm too old, maybe I'm culturally too old (more likely), maybe I haven't absorbed enough Noughties celebrity culture to allow myself to dehumanize and abstract another human being into a projection surface simply because they have a public identity.

Jesus Christ, writing porn about Duchovny and his wife? How the fuck is that not wrong?

It's not a very nuanced or maybe even very informed opinion, but it's the one I've got.

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I should specify that I'm not American, and that in my world "conservative" is not a purely political word that exists only in apposition to "liberal," and by applying "conservative" to any of my beliefs I do not intend to imply that I'm a brain-damaged barrel-sucking truck-driving manchild who is capable of astonishing feats of cognitive dissonance, whose entire self-concept is built around fear, and who believes anything that other angry white liars tell me. I'm only conservative in a fanfic sense.

May not have been the best choice of words for most people reading this

Thank you, Khyber. You used the word "dehumanize," which is one I've used myself on this subject.

Though I'm politically liberal, which I don't perceive as the bad word people now claim that it is, I do admit to a conservative streak. When people ask what kind of conservative I could possibly be, I say, "aesthetic." It saves time and puzzles them in a gratifying way.

"Dehumanize" is definitely a fitting term to attach to the RPF that I've seen, and I think I'm going to have to latch onto it, because it's more descriptive than other terms I've used in the past. I guess the line I'm just never willing to cross, as a writer or a reader, is the assumption that because someone out there has a public persona, this means they're automatically free to be toyed with in such a way. Then again (and I've made this comparison before), I don't like to read gossip rags either, which are fond of a similar practice, they just get to charge for it.

I am now and forever referring to myself as an 'aesthetic conservative."

I think I basically just make posts so estella_c can stunt in the comment section.

Oh... well I realized you meant conservative in the non-political sense; I was only playing with your use of the word since I am, actually, an American conservative. (As such, I find your description immensely flattering.) ;)

Edited at 2009-02-19 02:20 pm (UTC)

I'll admit to being a bike-riding tree-hugging kale-eating atheist French-speaking nancy boy who wouldn't know an honest day's work if someone stuffed it up his organic-cotton-clad ass, if that helps. :D

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