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RPF - just stop doing it.
Edit: And this is why I wasn't gonna do this. Comments have been locked, I didn't mean to make previous comments invisible, though. If someone can tell me how to lock comments while still showing existing ones please do.

Edit 2: Okay, I'm "screening" comments but I'm just going to not post them. That works.

I said I wasn't gonna do this whole getting-involved-in-LJ-discussions thing, and I haven't the background or vocabulary to do lit-crit.

So, instead of trying to lay out some sort of incrementalist argument,  I'm retreating to my gut feeling, which I admit is a conservative tendency in itself, and raising the old atxc flag of complete intolerance for RPF (there, I've admitted I'm being conservative AND intolerant.)

I read RPF, and I go "hmm... nope. I believe there are things that are objectively wrong. This is one of them, in a small yet spiritually corrosive way, and people should be actively discouraged from doing it."

So I'm discouraging anyone who may be reading this. Please, just stop. If you write good RPF I'm sure you could write better fanfic, stories that wouldn't devalue human identity and incidentally wouldn't creep me out so very, very much.

Maybe I'm too old, maybe I'm culturally too old (more likely), maybe I haven't absorbed enough Noughties celebrity culture to allow myself to dehumanize and abstract another human being into a projection surface simply because they have a public identity.

Jesus Christ, writing porn about Duchovny and his wife? How the fuck is that not wrong?

It's not a very nuanced or maybe even very informed opinion, but it's the one I've got.

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First let me say, I have written extensively about this issue in my own journal, and read extensively about it as well. I have also recently been reading a lot of RPF, some of which is really excellent writing, that I feel should not just be dismissed out of hand.

As much as I respect you as a writer, and believe me, I do, you surely know that you are not going to convince me or anyone else who isn't already on your side by quoting the "atxc flag of complete intolerance" at us. As I wrote yesterday in my comment to mushfromnewsies, that train has already left the station. This isn't atxc. Live Journal is not controlled by a cabal. As long as they follow the terms and conditions of use, people here can write whatever they want and post it. If you don't want to read it, that's fine. You can just use your mouse, and exit stage left.

In my last journal entry, I also objected to the fics about David and Tea. I think they are in bad taste and I certainly don't think the writing is at all sexy. But to say that it's morally wrong and dehumanizing to the actors? That just does not add up for me.

I have written two pieces of RPF, one serious, and one that I will describe as badfic porn, which I wrote under a sock for the porn battle last year. It's pretty funny, and pretty sexy, too, but no one is going to mistake it for art.

The serious story I wrote when I was on vacation in San Diego last year. I have no idea where the idea came from; suddenly, the story was just there. I can tell you it is entirely made up, because I have no interest in the actors and know next to nothing about them, other than what is commonly known in the fandom. Unlike the young people commenting, who are all in agreement with you, I don't follow their lives and I haven't even seen all of their other work.

I think the story is the best thing I've ever written, but what makes it even more special to me, is that a person I love and admire, and consider my friend, gave me a story for Yuletide, a story that she wrote in my story's universe. (I have a universe!)Far from being exploitative or dehumanizing, tree's "Five Times David Duchovny Said Good-bye to Gillian Anderson" is a love letter to The X-Files fandom.

Anyway, this comment has gotten way too long, so if you want to read my entire RPF journey, you can read it here and here and here. "Don't think twice, it's all right: ten easy excuse for RPF Writers" by emily_shore is an excellent recent meta and discussion. I can also give you links to related LJ discussions about the topic, some dating back as far as 2005.

This issue is far more complicated than I can get into in the space of a LJ comment, but I wanted you to know there is more to RPF than just what you glanced at in the Porn Battle. Outside of The X-Files fandom, there are large, thriving communities of readers and writers, and Khyber, no matter how much you and others might wish it, they aren't going away.

And for the record, at the present time, I am not writing RPF.

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