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well, that sucked.
I forgot how bad Season Six was in places. I'm rewatching during workouts and I just stumbled through "Ghosts Who Stole Christmas","Terms of Endearment", and "Rain King."  The latter has its moments, and I think it may the absolute pinnacle of Pointlessly!Bitchy!Scully (my wife suggests asking your doctor about Aleve, Dana.)

But altogether, it's a real trifecta of shit, redeemed pretty much only by the gift scene in "Ghosts" (and Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner.)

Sure, there are worse episodes (any episode with a Spanish name is worse--think about it), but these three stinkers in a row are a real low point.

The only thing that bugged me about the writing on the show was that they tended to make one-shot characters into these really disposable cartoons; there's little or no sympathy at all in the portrayal of anyone besides Mulder and Scully. You never get the sense that there's any backstory, that Mulder and Scully have stepped into a place and a set of lives that existed before them and will exist after they've left. I think it's really on display here, especially in the nasty cornpone sentimentality of "Rain King." If I was from Kansas (and I'm not far, actually) I'd be pissed about that one.

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"Terms of Endearment" does indeed suck (I still remember the demonspikes sticking out of poor Bruce Campbell's neck; his coolness has been restored in Burn Notice), and "The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas" is indeed overrated (I actually dislike the Tomlin/Asner casting; it's so Hollywood, We Have Arrived) but I love "Rain King."

Broad humor--not to be confused with feminist wit--is a weakness of mine. Pointing and laughing at rubes is a fine old American tradition, and recalling Moliere and Fielding and Dickens, it certainly didn't start with us. Ok, getting a little heavy there. The fact is that I loved Holman and Sheila, and am so glad they got together and made a baby, though the rainbow was gilding the lily.
I loved the flying cow and the heart-shaped hail. I thought it was very cleverly written and an opportunity for some fine comedic acting. I--well, I'm from the impoverished, sophistication-on-a-restricted-basis end of Pennsylvania. I *identify.*

What a sourpuss. Anyhow, I thought you weren't going to post at LiveJournal unless you had a fic on offer. It's fun though, isn't it? I'll bet you could really get into the argument thing.

Amalnahurriyeh has been posting recipes. Got any Canadian cuisine to give us?

I beg to disagree, too

What a sourpuss. Anyhow, I thought you weren't going to post at LiveJournal unless you had a fic on offer. It's fun though, isn't it? I'll bet you could really get into the argument thing.

Snort! Yeah, Khyber, where's the Fic!

See, I liked all these episodes just fine. They seem like very average season six episodes. Now, I don't like season six nearly as well as any of the first five seasons but these seem pretty typical to me. I think Bruce Campbell is a hoot in "Terms of Endearment" and I think the episode is a creepy weird-ass commentary on our obsession with perfection in reproduction.

I think "Rain King" is funny and only a little over the top. I LOVE THE COW AND THE HEART-SHAPED HAIL! And Holman and Sheila, too.

On the other hand, I am not so fond of the script for "The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas" so the casting seems like the least of its problems. The best moment is where they find their skeletal remains, and it's all downhill from there. Scully's freak-out seems utterly out of character, and the episode really bothered me for that reason. And of course, I had entirely forgotten about the shippy little scene at the end. Actually, I think I might have fallen asleep by that point. So, that episode is maybe a little below average.

Re: I beg to disagree, too

Snort! Yeah, Khyber, where's the Fic!

If y'all check my webpage you'll have your answer :) It comes in larger helpings from here on in.

Scully's freakout would totally bother me in a "normal" episode but I don't think it's so much out of character as dialed up to an unrealistic 11, which works here since the whole ep is goofy. Scully doesn't freak out when staring down mass murderers or shadowy things that may have too many legs, but I think they established early that she's got a huge case of spooky-dark-house heebie-jeebies and ran with it (and GA can do the broad comedy.) That's why I actually like it.

Re: I beg to disagree, too

I have to wait another five days? (Tries not to pout and sound whiny. Fails.)

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