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The Waterskiers
Khyber versus Season Seven continues!

Now up at

Summary: A very large number of missing scenes from "Hollywood AD," most of which have little to do with the plot of the episode :)

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Read it, loved it, reread it, loved it more. Y'know, the usual practice for me, when it comes to your writing.

I loved that you brought La Jolla in, by the way! I'm a San Diego native, so I get that silly little thrill on the rare occasion that someone explores it in some way unrelated to the Christmas Carol/Emily episodes. The banter in the section where they discuss what Scully will tell her mother really grabbed me, also. You write them in such a wonderful way.

Glad you liked that, then-- I was in San Diego for a while a couple of years ago and spent a day around La Jolla when I went to the museum of contemporary art. (Oddly enough, "Vapor Trail" was pretty much written in one shot in a hotel near UCSD.)

I figured that if I ever needed San Diego, the showroom full of Lambos was going in. I also remember a specific hotel balcony (that I saw from the beach, not that I could afford to be on) and wondering how much that must cost. I figured if someone was trying to make a hotel stay as little like being stuck in a motel in Ballsac, Kansas, where would they go...?

That, of course, led to "why wouldn't Scully just stay with her family?" and all of a sudden a voice jumped up from the deep dark xfile-recesses of my brain and whispered "because they're scared of her, dumbass."

Which, of course, along with "hey, why don't we ever actually see Scully's family again after 'Emily'?" (Season 8 and 9 don't exist, of course) wrote about a third of the story right there.

So I actually owe La Jolla a good chunk of this one.

Nice, love the contempo art museum. I saw an exhibit there years and years ago with miniature worlds built into everyday objects that still sticks with me today.

I like your answer to why Scully wouldn't stay with her family, too. I think there are a number of ways to characterize how they might come to deal (or not) with her life over the course of the series, and yours is definitely up there among the ways that I envision as being most likely.

As always, I remain a great fan of your work, and look forward to seeing more.

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